Playa Head Shop - Smokes & Accessories

Welcome to the Playa Head Shop - Your One-Stop Shop for smokes, smoking accessories and incense within the gates of Black Rock City. All smoking accessories are designed, marketed and intended for use with tobacco and legal herbs.  The Playa Head Shop does not advocate using its products to consume illegal substances, but know that its customers, Citizens of 'The Playa' just might do so; In-fact we are Stoners too and just might spark one up with you.


How many times have you found yourself walking the streets of the Burning Man Festival low on smokes, needing rolling papers, out of Shisha? The Playa Head Shop is here to make sure those things just do not happen.  No need to take the shuttle bus into Gerlach's general store, no need to continue to bum off of your friends, we have all of things you need to Light Up!


"No matter how many packs of cigarettes I bring with me to the Playa, I always seem to run out by weeks end and am relegated to being 'That Guy' who is begging friends for that next Nicotine fix; having a friendly place to purchase smokes & accessories just made sense", says ScottoBobScotto, CEO of Playa Head Shop.  No need to worry about LEO hassling you as you shop our large selection of goods, they are our customers too.


We offer a full line of the top brands of cigarettes, rolling tobacco, papers, screens, hookahs, Shisha, charcoal, lighters & matches.  We have everything you need to Smoke & be HAPPY!  Make sure to stop by our storefront behind Center Camp and see for yourself.

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- Playa Head Shop - 2011